“Come To Me” by Foraging Squirrel

“Come To Me” My Journey to Confirmation.
A thunderous roar, a storm rushing
seized my soul and I was there.
Ethereal in light,
fierce Love flooding my spirit.
Blinding Love, a pure white sphere of fire.
“Come To Me” Love called from the flame
and grasped for my heart.
Frightened, I turned away,
rushing back, downward, into myself,
into paralyzing emptiness, darkness without.

And in that hollowness time passed and I stumbled. Please, I prayed, come back to me.

I cautiously began to seek,
following breadcrumbs along His path
to this sacred Parish home.
Broken, I was enfolded in many arms,
gently guided by many hearts.

And now, mended and reconciled
I climb back in faith
joyfully awaiting this precious moment —
Love’s sweet Confirmation.

Imperfectly I pray,
come back to me.
I will not turn away from your flame,
your Holy Spirit.
Finally, freely, lovingly, I turn to Thee.
— Amen.

4 thoughts on ““Come To Me” by Foraging Squirrel

  1. I’ve been praying for each of my children and husband for years to seek out the Lord. Trust in the Lord for there is no other way!!!, I love your Blog and your writing is amazing!

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