A Note On Poetry

I sometimes like to be flippant because it protects me from cry fests. Anyone who knows me well understands an eruption can happen anywhere, anytime. And, kind of like a volcano, my head makes all kinds of goopy fluid requiring a great deal of clean-up. Why they make tissues so thin and weak is beyond me.  In any case, I find cry fests embarrassing! I’m not that comfortable with my softer side, as prevalent as it may be.  Most of the time I’m not sad, just touched. In fact, I’d say I’m a touch-and-go crier. I’ve cried at Folgers commercials, high-powered work meetings and at yoga class during the opening of the heart camel pose thingy. I cry daily reading CNN, when I  think about Jesus, and I always, always blubber for at least an hour when Pony Boy dies in the movie The Outsiders. Stay gold Pony Boy!

Sometimes, when no one is watching, I write poetry. My poetry writing process is a guaranteed tear jerking activity. Quite a few tissues usually meet their end in a crumpled pile on the floor.  I appreciate poetry because, unlike myself, poems are courageous enough to cry, laugh, moan, swell, to just be – and be o.k. with that. I think this is what God intended for all of us as well, but of course, we couldn’t have that.. that would call for world-wide thicker tissues.  So in an effort to redeem myself by exposing my sensitive side, I’m humbly offering up my poems… and sharing others that I find inspiring.

One thought on “A Note On Poetry

  1. I think that sometimes poetry is the only way to express a feeling, which needs to be express. I find it much more complicated than crying and it takes me much more time — I am a slow writer. So if you have the time and the solitude, write meaningful poems.

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