BPA, Anxiety, Bacon and Beans

I work on the weekends which means I miss an endless stream of birthday parties, play-dates, BBQ’s, sporting events and even more birthday parties. I’m supposed to be working right now in fact, but instead of earning money so that our house doesn’t fall into foreclosure, I’m writing about Baked Beans! Hell ya- take that fate! I would like to say I get terribly disappointed when I am forced to stay at home and work while everyone else plays but I am usually terribly glad. It’s just much more pleasant for me to talk to my computer than watch the b-day boy jump around inside a giant blown up clown while I try unsuccessfully to make small talk with a mom from PTA. Nothing against either of them, it’s me, really, it’s just me. I’m a closet anti-social. I blame my parents for moving me every year to two years of my life because even as a small child I realized it’s a lot easier to leave everything I know if I just don’t know it that well. Makes total sense right?  My mom says i’m just compensating for the horrendous amounts of stress I have to juggle, but I know deep down that’s not true. She is just trying to be helpful and to not admit that it is really her fault.

So let me tell you a little story about a time I actually did have to participate. I was asked to cook a side dish for a BBQ thrown by only the most popular mom at my kid’s preschool. Because of my pathetic lack of girl-friends and loner insecurities, I felt very special to be asked but was worried about mingling with the royals. I decided to make this awesomely fabulous melt in your mouth baked bean dish which everyone always loves because of the loads of bacon and high fat content. It was a success until a royal asked “Did you used canned beans?” Why yes, yes I did. “Did you at least wash the beans?”  Ummmmm…no. Silence…chirp..chirp. This is a perfect example of why I pray to Jesus to help me like people. Needless to say, my insecurity meter went through the roof and I spent the rest of the night pretending to be interested in family photos.

On the way home I vented to my husband “I felt like I was back in Jr. High. What’s wrong with canned beans anyway?” And then we both warped into an 80’s time zone and my husband was like “Cans are grody! They have BPA’s which are totally heinous because they cause cancer.” And then I was like “Gag me! Now you can’t eat from cans either? What are we supposed to do cook everything from scratch?” and he was like “uh…ya…totally”.

Interesting nobody mentioned the use of the bacon. I guess cancer beats out heart disease.  Since learning about BPA’s I have been trying to make food outside the can. See Tomato Soup With Farro Outside The Can for one of the best BPA free tomato soups ever (still working on baked beans)! Side note: if you don’t know what Farro is, don’t worry, neither did I. See my Farro post. Farro: Grain Explained

See the following to learn more about BPA:  What is BPA? Should I be worried about it? – MayoClinic.com.

2 thoughts on “BPA, Anxiety, Bacon and Beans

  1. I think your parents are responsible for giving you your introverted genes. Moving around every two years has nothing to do with your closet anti-social preference I think as I have found out in my studies of personality. My oldest daughter, Anna, was a dependent brat and moved every two years too, but she made new friends quickly and still keeps them even after many years of not being a dependent brat. In my case, being an introvert too, I have had very few close friends, but I don’t care, because they are quality friends, and that’s more meaningful to me.

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