Dear Oprah, How Do I Love Humanity, My Neighbors and Myself?

Dearest Oprah,
I know you retired but I think I have an urgent need for a  mini-Oprah show.  I recently read a somewhat challenging passage in a book about exorcism. (Yes, I said exorcism and yes I know…I have A LOT to tell you).   Below is the passage by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea from Interview With An Exorcist:“Since God is love and sin leads to the rejection of His love, sin inevitably leads to hatred — of God, of humanity, of those around us, and of ourselves. Those who allow themselves to walk the path of hatred can reach the point where they hate all four objects with their entire strength. Such a consuming hate is the final stage of total moral degradation.” Oprah, this is heavy. I do love God,  but I might be in trouble with the rest. How do I learn to love humanity, my neighbors and myself? Unfortunately, I am close to striking out on all three. I know this is right up your alley so when you have time please write me back— (you can even just toss a reply in with the free-stuff gift basket you’re sending me). —You are sending it right?
Best Friends Forever —Foraging Squirrel

So far,  I haven’t seen brown stop by with a package from Oprah. I’m hoping she will make up for it by sending at least two of her favorite things or maybe even a new car. Since I haven’t heard from her, I worked out my own answer to the question “How do I love humanity, my neighbors and myself?” From what I understand, prayer is probably the key. However, after a long drawn-out fight with my actual neighbors which included lots of loud music, door slamming and even a message from God that He wants them to stop all the madness and come back to church, I’ve come to realize that the best place to start is with forgiveness. I can’t hold humanity, my crazy neighbors or myself up to perfection.  All of us fail on a daily basis—except maybe Oprah. Through Jesus, God forgives us our sins so why can’t we forgive ourselves and each other? By forgiving, we let go of hate and make room for love. The question is now, how do I forgive? I’ll let you know what Oprah has to say!

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