The Feast of Corpus Christi Around The World

Today is the Feast of Corpus Christi (also known as the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ). If you didn’t guess from the name, it is the day that Catholics celebrate the transfiguration of the holy Eucharist. Traditionally it is held (in America) on the Sunday following Trinity Sunday and is one of the ten holy days of obligation.  That is what the Feast of Corpus Christi is on the surface but beneath:

We come together to consider the depths of our Lord’s love for us, which has led him to stay with us, hidden under the appearances of the blessed Sacrament. via Opus Dei – DAILY MESSAGE – “On the feast of Corpus Christi”.

The belief in Christ’s actual body and blood in the bread and wine during the sacrament of the Eucharist is one of the main reasons I became Catholic. I think of it as the mystery among mysteries.  I find it magical in a world of ordinary. How wonderful to have a miracle happen every Sunday and what a profound gift.  In fact, I completely understand where Saint Juliana of Mont Cornillion  was coming from when she saw the need for a “celebration” in reverence of the Eucharist. As a spanking new Catholic, I wasn’t really sure what the Feast of Corpus Christi entailed so I did some foraging. Below I am posting my most interesting finds — it’s a small world after all:

Feast Food!
I really wanted to celebrate with an actual feast today. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find many “traditional” Corpus Christi dishes. It seems most people just “feast” in general.  I did find a dish from Guatamala which looked amazingly good. The picture above is Pepián with Tayuyos Tamales. via Guatemalan Corpus Christi Food | AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com. I was totally going to try to make this but I couldn’t find a recipe for tayuyos. Then I decided I could just make tamales, but realized I probably couldn’t pull them off without at least three days of prep. So, I kept foraging and found this awesome blog called Global Table Adventures . It features the following dish: Pepian Sauce (For stewed chicken or veggies):

Just look at the ingredients for the sauce yum!!:

This takes it a bit far, but I’ve always thought the unleavened bread in the Eucharist looks just like a tortilla!  symbolically a nice enchilada dish with red sauce (bread and wine) could work just as well for the feast as the more labor intensive dishes above.  Am I veering off track?

Corpus Christi Processions!—Rome! Pope Benedict leads Corpus Christi procession in Rome on June 7, 2012. (As a side note, this was an interesting article:) Pope Benedict XVI says the Second Vatican Council did not reject Eucharistic adoration outside of Mass, including the Corpus Christi procession that he led this evening in Rome.via Pope says Vatican II did not reject Eucharistic adoration or processions :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Poland! From the early morning inhabitants are busy decorating the procession route – over 2 km long – with flowers collected beforehand in meadows, fields and gardens. The most common motifs on the carpets of flowers praising the Lord are religious: chalices, fish, crosses, doves, images of the Virgin Mary. The Spycimierz tradition of laying floral carpets is over 200 years old and is unique in the world. Local families try to one-up each other in creating the most beautiful designs, which are placed directly in front of the family’s property. The procession starts at the end of mass, at 5 p.m. Soon afterwards, the carpets are trodden underfoot by the congregation and disappear. via Corpus Christi in Spycimierz – Events. Click here to see a movie of Spycimierz, Poland’s  Feast of Corpus Chrisi

(AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

Venezuela! People dressed as dancing devils walk down a hill during a traditional dance celebration in Naiguata, Venezuela, Wednesday June 22, 2011. Spanish conquerors and Catholic priests presented dancing devils ceremonies to Latin America’s African slave population 200 years ago, who adopted it and incorporated drums into the ritual. The dancing devil ceremony comes the day before the Catholic holiday of Corpus Christi. via In Focus – Bonfires of Saint John and Corpus Christi – The Atlantic.

To see more amazing images of the Feast of Corpus Christi click here!

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