The “D” word. word.

Hold the mayo! I have had a profound awakening today. An awaking that I think will change my life – like peanuts changed m&m’s– for the better. Has anyone noticed the lack of continuity in my posts? One minute I talk about not eating processed foods and the next I talk about eating donuts. I talk about no BPA’s and then buy a plastic water kettle. I preach the need for bringing all my kids to church then “accidentally” forget one at home with my husband (she is small… and hard to see).  I should have figured this out after setting New Year’s resolutions for about 20 years to lose the 20 pounds and never doing it.

I am sure most of you have guessed by now but the answer behind door number three is — I seriously lack dicipline!! Look at that, I can’t even spell discipline without spell check, that’s how much I lack discipline.  I came to this realization after foraging around for vegetarian recipes from monasteries (post to come). I am fascinated by the lives of Monks, Nuns and Priests because theirs is forged by exactly what mine lacks. The rigors, especially of a monastic life, must certainly be unendurable without submitting to discipline. Submitting to discipline. Can I allow myself to not have what I want but instead do what I should, what I’ve learned is good for me? Discipline, after all, has roots in the word disciple (follower/student).  I realized today that I have to stop leading myself with my ego and instead follow and submit. Monks emulate Jesus by doing without and they do it through discipline.

The following video is long but awesome. I’m going to implement it’s steps in my own household and see if I can’t get that pile of laundry done once and for all and maybe if the kitchen table becomes a sacred space the crumbs will magically disappear. Also, maybe I will anonymously email this video to my own company…just because.

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