3 thoughts on “Nice Beads! SheisCatholic —The Rosary

  1. What are your thoughts on the Rosary bracelets, I gave my wife one for our anniversary last year. I know she wears it at times when she doesn’t pray it. But more as a way of saying hey I’m catholic and it affects everything I do, even what i wear. Thoughts?

  2. I love Rosary bracelets and personally, I like the idea of saying “Hey! I’m Catholic!” with jewelry- I think the church could use a show of support! From what I’ve read though, the problem arises when one wears a Rosary (or sacramental) for “fashion” and doesn’t know anything about it or Catholicism. It’s all about the intention. I am by no means an authority however and your question has really peaked my interest… I’m going to forage around and see what more I can find on this topic. Thanks & God Bless!

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