A Catholic’s Prayer

A Catholic’s Prayer by Foraging Squirrel

Money dropped, candle lit,

down on my knees

one sore and braced.

Chaos hitched a ride today

with self-conscious glances.

Stillness keeps slipping.


Looking up I meet your gaze and I shift.

Stilled by bloodshed and torment.


Did you watch with sad eyes such as these?

Your light’s flesh ripped open,

stripped, splintered and aching?

Did you hear with ears such as these?

The screeching cheers of blackened souls

so suffocating, close and acrid

… could you breathe?


Did tears stain cheeks such as these ?

Did you wail “My child NOT my child!”

and remember His sweet breath on your cheek?

sweet arms clinging…


Oh to pick Him up again!

To carry Him away!

Now let me pray

for you hold my stillness.

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