You Like Me You Really Like Me!

I just received my first blogging award! This award was passed to me from Nate Addington over at My Hope Box, a wonderful blog that “is a place where the Gospel and the love of the Church shine brighter than the darkness we are all surrounded by.”

I am flabbergasted to receive the Illuminating Blogger Award, thank you Nate! I hope I can help in your efforts to spread the love of the Church by seeking to understand it’s depths and beauty and sharing what I find. I am also enjoying using the word flabbergasted. Flabbergasted. Which brings me to the rules of the award:

List seven things about myself:

  1. I got kicked off my work softball team because I was ahem.. not good… on the other hand, I was an All American Cheerleader and everyone knows cheerleading is the real American sport. (p.s. I can also do a mean Standing Bow)
  2. I’m a graphic designer by day, mommy by day, blogger by day… man I’m too damn busy… but I love it all.
  3. I have a husband but I can’t tell you anything about him or else I’d have to kill you (that’s a hint).
  4. My 3 year old swears like a sailor and I have NO IDEA who she possibly could have learned that from (my eyes look really shifty right now).
  5. I totally agree when the guy from Green Acres sings  “Land spreadin’ out so far and wide -Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.” Even though I do get allergic smelling hay.
  6. I love quirky people who aren’t perfect.
  7. One time in band camp… nothing happened… because I actually never went to band camp. In fact I used to run away from home to avoid piano lessons but now I really want to play the banjo.

And the blog I am passing the award to for being so wonderfully funny, refreshing and illuminating and because she is my biggest fan and source of wisdom (dun dun duuuuuun)…The Little Red Barn! I hope she is as flabbergasted as I was.  Flabbergasted.

7 thoughts on “You Like Me You Really Like Me!

      1. Thanks Nate I like you too! 🙂 Please don’t think any less of me because I admitted to being a cheerleader lol. Although it kind of goes along with being squirrely.

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