Save Angels From Hallmark!

Angels We Have Heard on High
Angels We Have Heard on High (Photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert)

“Angels are not cute, cuddly, comfortable, chummy, or “cool”. They are fearsome and formidable. They are huge. They are warriors.” — Angels by Peter Kreeft

I think our modern culture has done a real disservice to Angels. Tell me, when you think of Angels do you hear tinkling chimes, think of puffy clouds and picture naked babies with wings? Do you cringe, puff up your chest and say “I’m a man —man! I can’t talk about Angels!”? Or maybe you think of new age fairs or even Victoria Secret models (o.k. maybe you men would want to talk about those Angels).

Similar to how the Rosary has been defamed by celebrities and gangs, Angels have gone from being an army of God complete with warriors, messengers, guards and protectors to  hallmark figurine after-thoughts and  Facebook “like this if you believe” targets. Really, how did we get to this point of soft and queezy? To be clear, I’m not saying Angels need to be angry or vengeful to be strong. In fact Angels must be, because of their nature, full of love and goodness and justice. Unfortunately somehow our culture has also managed to make love, goodness and justice weak too.

Again, like the Rosary, I say let’s take this back! As Catholics we know the truth about Angels. Let’s polish the tarnish off their “soft” reputation and make them strong again! But how you ask? How about we start by educating ourselves so we can talk the straight talk when we start hearing the tinkling chimes of Angel pratter! I’ve started to try to do this on Foraging Squirrel. Take a look and feel free to add your own knowledge or sources.  see: “Reality Bites — Let’s Believe in Angels” and go from there!

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