“HEY YOU! I’ve Got Lottery Numbers!”

Earth Muffs by Foraging Squirrel

Remembering Why I Chose to be Catholic— well at least one reason.

How many times a day do you say or think “Listen to me!”? I must say it…oh about two hundred gazillion times a day. Following a close second is “You need to listen!” And after that it transfers to “I mean it!”. To which the kids now echo “I mean it peanut!”. Not to say that the kids are the only ones I say (or think) “listen to me” to. The laundry list looks more like this: husband, boss, coworkers, kids, mom, friends, relatives, bank, Grandpa (who can barely hear me anyway) and…God. It all begs the question, why am I struggling to be heard… and why do I sound like my mother?!

I have a feeling this is a common problem. In fact, the majority of the world probably has ear muffs on so that the most we can hear are our own thoughts: “What do I want to say – what do I want to think- how am I feeling about this- what is in it for me?” and we are basically happy like this. Sometimes I picture God sitting on his golden throne watching us little ear muff wearing doozers on earth thinking “If they’d only take them off then maybe they would finally hear the lottery numbers I’m shouting out!” Oh I’m sure God is saying “LISTEN TO ME!” the loudest… the angels are probably singing it loudly right now!

When I converted from being Agnostic,I knew I would be listening to someone teaching me what they felt was the right path to God. I had already come to the decision that I really should be listening to someone other than only myself…I had at least taken the ear muffs off long enough to figure that one out. “Myself” had gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years landing me in deep depressions. When I joined the Catholic church, I was ready to admit I needed some help in the arena.

Catholicism actually makes the most sense to me even though it is challenging. I like that there is a formal structure to the church that consolidates what is taught. I’ve been in Evangelical and Protestant churches where much of what was preached was largely dependent on how the Pastor for that church viewed the teachings of the Bible. With Catholicism it is a universal teaching based on a universal understanding. No, they may not ask me, the little guy, what I think, but the people who do make the decisions used to be little guys that have studied, prayed and discerned for years and are now the head honchos. I respect them and I respect that even with corruption moving in and out, the Church has continued for thousands of years and it’s teachings have basically stayed the same as when initiated by Christ.

If you have been following my last few posts, you can probably see I still have my ear muffs on. It isn’t as simple as just taking them off because apparently mine are super glued and maybe I’m not totally ready either. However, the muffled voices are becoming more clear as I remember why I chose Catholicism. I also still think there is room for freedom of thought as well as obedience within this religion… we did eat that apple and after all He knows what we are about.

My fellow blogger servusfidelis posted “I only want to be a little bit pregnant”– check it out- it is a continuation of thought on what it means to be truly Catholic. (servusfidelis takes his ear muffs off a lot more than I do).

4 thoughts on ““HEY YOU! I’ve Got Lottery Numbers!”

  1. Your funny. I have mine on too because I don’t have the winning lottery numbers for you. But then again we all are struggling to get the ear muffs off to some extent. Welcom to the spiritual journey: it hurts sometimes but it is worth the pain and effort.

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