Foraging Squirrel’s New Year Toast to You

English: Thick, puffy white cloud in a blue sk...

In epic Foraging Squirrel form I have decided to start 2013 fresh and clean by painting the interior of my house, ahem, again. Goodbye murky blue, so long brownish greeny semi-demi-beige, sayonara wacky khaki— I’m going to surround myself in light— I’m going white! This white, by the way, is not any normal fall by the roadside dirty white, oh noooo, this is Benjamin Moore Cloud White… it’s beautiful (say that word slowly)! Decorators may understand my meaning but for the rest of you let me explain. Ever play the spinning game as a child (not spin the bottle) the one where you spin your body round and round until eventually you fall upon the lawn laughing and giggling watching the sky spin gloriously above?  I loved that game and when the spinning stopped I remember the clouds floating and forming white, puffy and perfect into pure happiness. That my friends is Cloud White.

Even though my husband and kids think I’m nuts, which I admit is apropos, I’m saying goodbye to 2012, the impossibly defiant year, by wiping the slate clean — literally. Damn it feels good too. In fact, I highly recommend everyone paint at least one room cathartic Cloud White. 

Foraging Squirrel’s New Year Toast to You:

Here’s to taking last chances

to letting in light

Here’s to quiet spaces

and loud laughing ones

Here’s to love that rushes in like the wind

and memories spinning round and round

like white childhood clouds

Here’s to you

precious, crazy, you.


p,s. : I already know the kids will get fingerprints all over the white cloud and I am choosing to ignore that fact.

4 thoughts on “Foraging Squirrel’s New Year Toast to You

  1. The finger prints is what makes your a house a home. Embrace the finger prints with love for oh to soon they shall be gone. May our Lord Jesus Himself take His seat in your home and bring His childhood laughter with Him, Amen. Happy New Year James

    1. Thank you James! That is exactly why i have the dirtiest car in the neighborhood — all the little pictures the kids make in the dust. Happy New Year to you and God Bless!

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