Foraging Squirrel

Foraging Squirrel…more than just cute and furry…. and not at all like a rat.

It may be just bleach affecting brain cells, but I am constantly amazed at how much I don’t know.  On a daily basis I find myself searching for answers like a starved squirrel forages for nuts. The “nuts” I crack are related to feeding my soul, living and eating healthy, and then whatever inspiration falls from the tree. By the way, that pretty much covers everything so I won’t run out of material.

Now, please prepare yourselves as this may be when some of you decide to leave the building with Elvis —  I am a newly converted Catholic and the perspective of this blog will be from a newly converted Catholic.

If you are still here then maybe, like many people in my life, you are questioning why a “relatively” sane person (like myself) would choose to add Catholic guilt, obligations and genuflections to her life. As my friend Tracy put it “I think I understand, no.. no.. I really don’t.” The truth is, i had a vision from God – similar to the Blues Brothers – but without the back flips. I managed to ignore it for a really long time until God grabbed me by the collar one day, shook the stupid out of me, and kicked me down this path.  In this blog I will explore what it means to me to be Catholic, my experiences, questions I have on why Catholics do the Catholic things they do and things I learn or am inspired by. Also, I feel living and eating healthy are linked with the health of the soul so it is important for me to include them.

For a long time I have wanted to share the nuts I find and crack.  Foraging Squirrel (The Blog) may seem haphazard, but, like my life, there is usually an unexpected connectivity that links it , and us all, together. Happy Hunting.


  • I am pretty sure that after I explained I had a vision from God above that I should change “relatively” sane to something like “maybe” sane but that could be relative.
  • Addressing any snickers when I use the word “nuts”, just go ahead and laugh it all out… hahaha she said nuts… there you go.
  • Catholic guilt is really not as horrible as it sounds and can nicely be explained away by also being “relatively” sane. Obligations are really ways to become closer to God which can only be good, and genuflections as holy and important and honorable as they are, are also great forms of exercise; possibly being the earliest version of Pilates.
  • Please please understand that I am not ever trying to be disrespectful. I can be incredibly naive, silly, ignorant and generally bafoon-like. Anything disrespectful I create is a product of these short-comings. I also blame my parents, just because that’s what people do.
  • Another reason I did this blog is because my College Professor made me promise to write when I got out of school and I promised, but then I totally didn’t, so now I am because I feel really guilty… like a good Catholic.

— Foraging Squirrel

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